Cancerversary- they matter to me…

I know there are some out there who don’t or can’t acknowledge their cancerversaries- like anything else in our new normal, I get it. For me however, I acknowledge mine. Today is 2 years since I had my last chemo for my Triple Negative Metaplastic Breast Cancer. I happened to have woken up with a gnarly post mastectomy pain syndrome flair up. For me mine feels like a large band with metal spikes wrapped around my back and chest. New normal.

So why do I acknowledge my different cancerversaries? On the positive side- to appreciate how far I’ve come. I’m alive dammit!! I appreciate myself and what I’ve done to get myself to this point. I appreciate those who’ve helped me get here.

Like it or not, the not so positive creeps in. Like the statistics on TNBC and MpBC recurrence timeframes-and how I’m now sitting smack dab in them. I know it’s all statistics and that shit can happen whenever but I do give myself a moment to address them so I can put it aside.

Today I’m NED after all my treatments and surgeries. Today I’m sitting in my own little studio apartment drinking my coffee in the beautiful sunlight that’s streaming in.

Here’s to the new normal and cancerversaries.

As always-#FuckCancer


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