Tell me what you’d like me to talk about – I’m here for you!!

As one whose gone through finding the tumor, waiting an excruciating week for results, to finally figuring out what I had, I’ve lots of insight and info to share. Treatment, side effects, fears, hopes, losses and looking ahead. Shoot me a topic I’m happy to talk to you about it!!


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  1. If you could expound on how your conceptions of time changed for you in the post cancer diagnosis days? Are futures and presents combined and compressed or do you simply take each day as it comes? I’m having trouble planning things too far out in advance knowing anything could change at any time. Time for me is completely warped. People in my life get antsy because I run late and it would seem my former march step self was replaced in a UFO somewhere in the middle of a crop circle by timeless tasks and a sense that if I extend my days to late nights somehow I’m more grateful for what I have accomplished. Seems random probably to those without the barrel of a chronic killer disease staring them between the eyes, but I think you probably know where I’m coming from.

    PS have you read Susan Grubar’s book on cancer and writing? It’s generative and honest and I’d love to ship it to you. Send me a message to my email with an address. I finished about five books somehow in the past two weeks and I’d love to share a few with you. Also grab Cancer Olympics by Robin McGee on Audible. I’m about 2/3 done and I’m immediately impressed with how she turned her bulletin board into a book. Her reading it in her voice has the perspective of her inflections of emotional feedback one doesn’t ordinarily get from an audio book read in another person’s voice. I love the concept.


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