Stage IV #Pinktober

No, I’m not Stage IV. Not yet. I may never be, however the odds are pretty well stacked against me. It isn’t just those of us with the rare breed of cancer whose odds are tough to swallow. It’s breast cancer period. Yet you’ve companies everywhere using Breast Cancer Awareness to line their pockets. If they do actually donate anything it’s to organizations who actually give very little towards research. All the focus on early detection and prevention- when they need to focus on a CURE. If you’re unfortunate enough to carry a gene mutation that predisposes you to breast cancer (as is my case) all the prevention on the planet may not save you.

The point to this post? Demand more. More funding to a cure. More funding to prolong life for Stage IV patients. Demand accountability from organizations who claim to donate funds. Demand companies stop making money off the backs of breast cancer patients. Do your research before purchasing pink ribbon items. Better yet- DONATE


As always #FuckCancer


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  1. Donate and demand – we stage 4 cancer survivors are treated as the lab rats of the cancer world – good enough to test poison but not good enough to treat with the life saving drugs and new technologies that our stage 1-3 co-cancer hell mates are entitled to receive. That’s far more unfair than even the freakin cancer itself. Scrapping for the money that’s never enough to get treated to the last of the finding (7% of all bc research funds actually go to metastatic bc research.) I am in no way bitter, and if it meant I could save millions or even one single person by my participation in studies, I’d do it in a heartbeat. If we approach our shared experiences and the relationship to our treatments in the same way we approach our open communications in this community we’d have a better chance if making breast cancer more like HIV – live along with it and not dying from it due to the voices of many sounding as one.

    Maybe in my lifetime?
    #fuckmetastaticcancer too!

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