Pink isn’t evil #Pinktober

Well “pink washing” has begun! Everywhere you turn some company is selling items with pink ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness. The silliest thing I’ve seen recently are raw eggs with tiny little pink ribbons stamped on them. All I could do is laugh. Pink washing makes breast cancer patients feel like we don’t matter. If we truly mattered to those companies they’d actually do their homework and donate larger percentages to legitimate breast cancer research foundations.

What upsets me the most about pink washing is the fact that there are companies everywhere who are simply using breast cancer for their own gain. I’m just asking you to do your research if you want to purchase an item with a pink ribbon on it. Even better -donate to Metavivor to help those who are Stage IV. Those who are fighting to live.

Listen, I get being upset over it. We’re all aware of breast cancer. What we want is a damn cure. We don’t want to spend all the rest of our days after we’ve crawled through the mad ups and downs of diagnosis, surgeries and treatments waiting for the beast to come roaring back. We want to know that if we’re diagnosed with it or a recurrence it isn’t a death sentence. We are aware -now find a cure!

But getting angry at OTHER breast cancer patients for sporting their pink ribbons is the opposite of what we should be doing for one another. I personally have a that tattoo you see in the picture. I also just bought a shirt that supports a breast cancer research foundation. Yes it’s got a big ass pink ribbon on it and no I won’t be bullied into not wearing it. I’ve donated money to and other legitimate breast cancer foundations.

So rather than bash those who wear Pink- remember Pink isn’t the evil one…it’s the stupid fucking cancer and the heartless companies and phony foundations who are the evil ones.

As always #FuckCancer


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