Two years later

Cancerversary number 2. Two years post double mastectomy. I’m happy to be alive but damn if that realist in me doesn’t whisper in my ear “closer to recurrence timeframes”. Or maybe that was the hamster who knows. Cancerversary is a date of your choosing. I chose mastectomy date because that’s when the monster was physically removed…and I haven’t had a day without pain since. Not everyone survivor has daily pain issues but it’s exhausting and not fair to those of us who do. If you have daily post treatment pain how are you dealing with it? I use mindfulness, exercise, my heating pad, hot baths and meds along with CBD to help me manage and cope. I’m heading back to physical therapy next week due to my low back/hip pain. It’s progressively getting worse and I’m heading to Japan next month so I’ve got no time for that kind of pain!

So anyway….happy Cancerversary to me. Here’s to many more.

As always….#fuckcancer



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  1. Happy year of life! Happy death day to your cancer. Happy mastectomy day? I cannot say a cancer-versary is happy but I’m so damned happy you’re alive because I feel less alone for your presence in my virtual life, which is becoming on some levels richer and more satisfying than my life.

    Pain: palliative medicine/ oncologist, meds, trying 1:4 THC:CBD at her counsel she’s a tiny Chinese woman with four young children and studies this stuff ad nauseum. She wants me to get some THC in my system along with the CBD because she said it makes the CBD more potent and β€œturns it on” in a way. I take baths. Lots of magnesium salts, good essential oils. I use frankensesne and myrrh oil on my skin when it’s really bad and I take meds and I am a beloved follower of better living through chemistry when necessary. Stage 4 makes us so fucking isolated that we usually suffer from psychological pain as well but we are SO GOOD at putting a smile on and looking bravely at each day and saying things like

    HAPPY CANCERVERSARY my lovely friend!


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