Speech Therapy??

Now anyone who knows me, knows speaking isn’t an issue for me! What is an issue for me is my memory….chemo brain as it were. Evidently the help for that is a speech therapist. So I had my first appointment a few days ago. The first step was a questionnaire to see how often I had issues with memory loss, word retrieval, losing things, getting lost etc. Next was a battery of testing. Verbal and non-verbal. For example, I was given a list of five words to repeat back to the therapist. I was unable to remember them all without some prompting. Another example- list as many words as I could that start with “F” in a minute that weren’t pronouns or a word that changed only by adding “ing, s, ed”. I think I managed 5-6 words in that minute.

My memory loss has been frustrating for me. I have learned to be patient with myself but it’s a bit crazy at times. I’ve driven past home a number of times. I’m unable to get to my appointments without google maps. Mind you I go to the same cancer center every week. I can no longer multitask, and while I can talk, I “lose” words during conversations. I bet you’ll never guess what the testing showed the therapist. Yup- memory issues, slow speed of processing, word retrieval and attention issues. Cancer treatment- the gift that keeps on giving.

So now I have homework. No one told me I was going back to school! Word searches- daily. To quote “everyday for the rest of your life”, and reading a book and creating notecards to help me remember what I read. I actually had to open the office visit to remember what I’m supposed to do!!!!

My nighttime todo list is getting longer. Thank goodness for reminders on my phone. Say….has anyone seen my phone?

As always #FuckCancer


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  1. Well I suppose these are all good brain activities for anyone, not just us who are word challenged, memory zapped and chemo fogged. Some days it gets worse than others. Under stress I find less words come and more descriptive dance arounds until I find the tomatoes!

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