Chemotherapy- you can do it!

That was 1 year ago today. Finishing my final chemo. Round 16. I had 12 Taxol with an added Carboplatin every 3rd week followed up with 4 rounds of AC aka The Red Devil. That big ass smile on my face tells you how happy I am to finally finish after numerous delays and hospitalizations. It really can be done. I remember thinking “yay I can finally get back to a normal life” I know better now. Normal is all relative depending on your circumstances. Some survivors have long term issues from treatment. I certainly do. Some days it’s difficult to be happy due to those issues, but under it all I’m happy to be walking the planet….on that damn tightrope of being a survivor. Trying to maintain balance and perspective.

Some chemo tips for those of you just starting:

1. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Get the idea?

2. Keep a checklist of taking your meds. It’s easy to forget in the fog of fatigue. Take anti nausea meds timely.

3. Keep a journal- of side effects, your thoughts, your vents. What helped, what didn’t.

4. Tea tree oil on your nails. Mine never turned black save for one tiny spot and I didn’t lose them. Twice a day I used it.

5. Use a very soft toothbrush! Baking soda rinse.

6. Watch for fever. With no immune system it’s too easy to get sick.

7. Hand sanitizer!

8. Eat what you can but don’t force it. I was a smoothie queen during treatment!

9. Take care of you. You’re primary right now. This is your path you’ve been placed on and walk it the best way you can. For you.

As always #FuckCancer


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