In my journey as a cancer survivor, I learned quickly that support comes in many shapes and forms. Initially I started my Facebook Metaplastic Warrior Page to keep friends updated with my journey and to hopefully spread some knowledge about the rare beast that is Metaplastic Breast Cancer. There was so little information out there on it and what was there was disheartening and quite frankly, frightening. Eventually I found two groups on Facebook for MpBC so naturally I joined them. These people quickly became a virtual lifeline for me. In the middle of the night when I was sick and miserable, someone was always quick to offer support, comfort and knowledge. Because in the virtual world with patients worldwide, someone was awake to be there for you. At some point in my journey, my Facebook page for MpBC started attracting others inflicted with this life changing diagnosis. I suddenly became the one to offer guidance on a myriad of issues, side effects and the emotional roller coaster life becomes with diagnosis and treatment. I love being part of a support system for others. It helps me feel like this damn cancer at least did one positive thing. I can walk side by side with a sister and be there for her just as others have done and still do for me. Cancer doesn’t end when treatment does. It’s lifelong in that life after isn’t the same nor will it ever be. Sure, hair grows back and you eventually may even see glimpses of your previous self in the mirror, but fundamentally cancer can change you.

So as I walk the path of MpBC I hope all of you sisters know I’m here anyway I can to be a support person either virtually or in ” real life”.

Thank you to all those who walk with me.

As always #fuckcancer #neveralone



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  1. The virtual world provides a support infrastuctute much like our bodies do…when the infrastructure does its best work is when we find ourselves tired and down. Our bodies continually build us up as do our virtual friends and supporters when things seem bleakest to us. It’s hard to be strong on the outside when your immune system, bones, and vital endocrine system is busy making the healthy cells that chemo and other ugly systemic treatments take from us. No one can understand more than someone whose lives are touched by our forms of breast cancer. No one.
    #notalone and #fuckcancer
    Your warrior in arms,

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