Why am I so damn tired?!?

Days like today frustrate me. Exhausted (and it’s only Monday!!) headache and slightly nauseous. Yes I realize I deal with fatigue daily as one of my leftover issues from chemo but good grief. It’s days like today that I miss my previous self. The one who took her great health for granted. The woman who got up at 5am to workout, worked 9+ hours 5 days a week at a demanding clinic manager job, and had busy weekends. Now, I’m struggling through 4 days at a much simpler job and I spend many weekends at home. This past Friday night I was in bed by 9pm and slept until 9am the following morning!! The only reason I woke up was a phone call. Who sleeps that much when you’re not in treatment? My physicians have no answers for me except “it should get better with time”. I really hate that answer lol but what can you do? Eat right, exercise, rest and take my meds. Yes, yes, yes and yes….and no. I mean yeah I do those things but sometimes I wonder if it’s really helping. I suppose it is, on those rare days I feel awesome. I know plenty of women who have minimal or no lingering issues. Hi, can you please tell me where the line is for that?

I know….patience…that limited thing I can have because I feel like my life is speeding past me like a bullet train rocketing to Tokyo – without the fun bento boxes of yummy Japanese food.

Ok lunchtime is over- back to work!

As always #FuckCancer


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