I’m allowed…

To be heartbroken at all I’ve lost.

To be angry at the life stolen from me.

To be frightened by the changes in my body.

To cry and scream at the unfairness of it all.

To hate my so called new normal.

To wish it all away.

To wonder what that pain is…and swing from the tightrope of it’s nothing to what if it’s back.

To accept my sad days as part of my recovery.

To take care of myself without feeling like I’m being selfish.

To just hide under my blankets and escape from the world.

To talk to other survivors and NO it’s not making me scared or anxious, they actually understand what I’ve gone through, what I’m currently going through and what could come.

I’m allowed.




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  1. You go, woman! Bitch away! I’m allowed to cheer you on while you do so, and reserve the right to hitch my little red bitch wagon to your little red bitch wagon to make it a bitch train!

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