Don’t blame it all on anxiety….

So last week if you recall I landed in bed for a bit due to a migraine with vertigo. Well, I decided to get into my medical records to gather them together as I keep copies. In reading my oncologists notes….she literally blamed nearly all my symptoms on anxiety. Aches, pains, dizziness all on anxiety. Are you fucking kidding me? I know what anxiety can do. I’ve lived with it off and on for about 9 years now. Rib pain on anxiety?? I’ve had my damn rib pain since my double mastectomy. Continued ongoing pain like that after a major chest surgery happens and it isn’t anxiety. Joint pain- she wrote off to anxiety. She was also very blasé about my cancer which put me off.  As cancer survivors we have to be diligent and advocate for ourselves. I now have new insurance that isn’t as good as my previous insurance. Now I get to figure out what I can afford when. That’s cause for anxiety but I know what my anxiety does and how to manage it. It sucks to feel like I wasn’t heard. I knew she didn’t hear me when I called about my headaches (which I continue to have daily) and she advised me to take Tylenol or when she told me that she’s seen 15 patients with my cancer….a cancer so rare it affects less than .5-1% of the population and yet she was so blasé. 

So I’ll be finding another oncologist to manage my survivorship and hopefully be proactive in my care. One who hears me. 

Stand up for yourself and your healthcare. 

As always #FuckCancer 


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