It’s October. Fall leaves, cooler temps oh and Pinktober. Breast Cancer Awareness Month begins. As this begins I’m asking you to please remember that breast cancer is so much more than a pink ribbon (just as all the other ribbons are). Awareness is awesome…but be cognizant of those in treatment can be sensitive to all of the pink items with nearly none of the money going to actual breast cancer research. Money that needs to go to researching better treatment and better outcomes. Chemo can be effective but it’s brutal. The aftermath of chemo and radiation….loss of feeling in your body, daily aches and pains, memory loss the list goes on. Money that needs to go to curing cancer so none of make it to Stage IV, so more of us survive.  So many Metavivors out there. The odds are too high that I will be one too. 

So please when purchasing items in support of breast cancer be sure some sort of funding is going to a legitimate group. Not just in the stores pocket. 

Much love and as always…#FuckCancer


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