September 9, 2016- I had a double mastectomy. It’s the day my surgeons physically removed Metaplastic Breast Cancer from my body.  A year ago. To me it was the official start of my fight. 

That photo is me just out of recovery. Look at that hair!! My daughter took the photo- she captioned it “fucking trooper”. Little did I know that a year later the fight and the need to be a trooper continues. Of course no one tells you that. You and all your physicians and nurses are focused, rightfully so, on getting the cancer out and doing what needs to be done in order for you to have your best chance in the future of not having a recurrence.  You’re so consumed with anxiety, fear and impatience while waiting for surgery and treatment to begin, you give little thought to “after”. For me thinking about after, especially in the midst of ass kicking treatment, caused me an inordinate amount of fear. I felt like some days that I wasn’t going to get through all 16 treatments. My cancer sisters who also did radiation- I am in awe of you.  

I’m happy to be alive everyday.  I live with chronic pain, premature menopause and fatigue compliments of treatment- but I’m here!! I live with the knowledge that I have a terribly high rate of recurrence with this MpBC.  It’s the combo of all the lingering side effects and having fought MpBC that causes anxiety these days. I work everyday to focus on the positive and enjoy everyday and not let cancer continue to rob me of life. 

I had a full body scan this week that came back all clear.  That’s some seriously awesome news. One year and counting!! 💪🏼💪🏼

So as always, #FuckCancer 


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