Bucket list 

So why do we wait till our mortality is threatened to actually do things on our bucket lists?? I mean, I’ve done a few on my list prior to this damn cancer, but all in all I just figured, “I have time.” Well guess again woman!! 

Today was a small item- I got my nose pierced. It was pierced before but a job mandated it had to go. So out it went. I always wanted to get it done again. Well, now that I no longer have that job because I was shit-canned for having cancer, and my new chemo brain, neuropathy ridden, arthritis having self can’t have that type of job any longer (and honestly I don’t want to-too much stress) I’ve landed a job where I can be me. Tattoos, piercings and my awesome ass salt n’ pepper hair. The hair, ear and nose are bringing the bling 😜

What’s next on my list? Oh I’ve small things and big things. I moved back to the west- big thing. Loving it. There’s things like going to Ireland. Visiting the land of my birth again….I miss Japan. Seeing the Redwoods again. Walking along the California coast. Hiking mountains and playing in the snow. Watching a football game in person like I did when I was younger. 

Don’t wait. Don’t wait for some damn thing that takes your future or you lose someone. Don’t wait for your mortality to slap you in your face. 

Take that fucking bucket list and run with it. 

As always, #FuckCancer


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  1. I love your hair!! U rock on Sam!!

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