Back in the west….finally 

Ahhhhh. As I sit in a local coffee shop going over my grocery list- I am at peace. I’m finally back in my beloved west. Not as far as I would really like but given my potential for recurrence, the best place to be. 

My first day here, my daughter and her boyfriend took me to that picturesque spot in the photo above.  All you could hear was rushing water and birds. No cars. No buzzing mosquitoes. No humidity lol.  We used to visit Colorado when I was a child. I feel like I’m home again. The surrounding farmland reminds me of California where I grew up. As do the mountains. However these mountains are higher. Hiking is on the agenda. Small hikes as I still tire easily. It’ll help me build up my stamina as well as my mental health. 

I interviewed for a lovely position yesterday. Gotta work, you know how it is. Insurance. Benefits. The right position will come along. 

Meanwhile, I’ll finish my room. Job hunt. Find a new oncologist. And live. 

One of my friends is dying as you read this, from this cancer. She had 2.5 years cancer free before it came back. 

Like I said- LIVE. 

As always #FuckCancer 


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