Facebook Memories πŸ™„

So you know how Facebook pops up memories from years past…I look at those photos of myself from even just last year and think holy shit Batman! To think I was concerned about my hair, the 5 lbs I’d put on, and how I looked being photographed…because that’s what society and social media as a whole has created. 

Now I stand in front of the mirror excited that’s even HAIR ON MY HEAD! And this scarred body…is beautiful. Why? Because it fought cancer and won. I’ve got a belly leftover from steroids, skin that’s seen far better days and lord where did that ass come from?!?  But I’ve also got a clearer view of what beauty really is, and folks it’s nothing to do with the outside. Real beauty shines from within. Just look at the beaming smile of a survivor. It transforms them.  My eyes see the world differently. 

Fucking cancer. Robs us of so much physical stuff. Our looks. Our energy. Body parts 😜. However, for me anyhow, it’s given me a new vision, a new perspective and new strength. Oh I knew I was strong before. I just didn’t know how strong. Or how brave for that matter. Facing everyday not knowing if/when the beast will return- and not freaking out every moment? That’s bravery and strength. I have my moments trust me. The best advice I can give anyone is “Be here now” because NOW is really all we’ve got. 

As always #FuckCancer 

Peace ✌🏻 


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