No Evidence of Disease

Well…officially declared free of any detectable cancer! Notice I said detectable because you know how these things go. There’s no way of knowing until it’s evident if we killed all the cancer cells. But I’ll take it. I’m going to enjoy the hell out of every friggin minute of being NED. 

Science for the win. Chemo was hell. But I’m here. Scarred all to hell. My torso looks a bit like a war zone at the moment….exhausted as I’m still in recovery from the last two surgeries- but right now all I can think is YES I’M DONE.  

I could not have done it without my awesome cancer team, and my family and friends. 

Next? Healing. Moving on to the next stage in life. Hoping this rare aggressive cancer stays away.  It has an obscenely high recurrence rate.  Little bitch. 

Like I said- I’m going to enjoy every minute of this. 

As always #FuckCancer 


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