Sum of our parts

We are not merely the sum of our parts. I am still woman despite lack of breasts and soon to be lack of reproductive system. The loss which causes menopause to kick in completely. I am not the sum of my parts. My heart knows I am a woman. This has had me thinking a lot about transgender folks. They know they are not the sum of their parts, but rather who they are inside. In their heart. 

Another step in the fight…wondering how long this will work for. MpBC sisters who’ve had lightening fast recurrences fought in the same way…and are still fighting. I’m sure we all went naively into our fights thinking, ok let’s do this. Surgery? Piece of cake relative to chemo. Chemo where some days you wished you could just close your eyes forever. Some sisters have had to deal with radiation. I got to skip that bit. 

So remember sisters we are NOT just the sum of our parts. We are each our own individual people with the same goal. 

To live. 

As always- #FuckCancer


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