No rhyme or reason 

I’m thankfully, part of two Metaplastic Cancer groups on Facebook. These communities are a source of information , support, guidance and love. Without them I would have some very lonely feelings as well as even more stress. I’ve learned by being a part of these groups as well as my “real” life group that there is no rhyme or reason to how fast a recurrence happens. I’ve only seen 3 women (that I’m aware of) who’ve made it past 5 years without a recurrence. Everyone else has had some sort recurrence. Timeframes all over the place. Locations vary from lungs, bones, liver and brain. Anytime someone posts a recurrence I hurt for them. Give them as much love and support one can give over social media. At the same time I wonder….will I be the odd woman out? No rhyme or reason. No way to fight a recurrence. Sometimes it’s difficult reading posts from others. They make you think too much. So you want to pull back, but these people have been there for you. I do step away for a day, but always go back. Why? They understand me as I understand them. They’re dealing with the same beast as I. 

We share the ups and downs. Smiles and tears. Hopes and fears. 

Today I shared part of the day with one of my daughters. Today’s positive 😍 I find positive in everyday. 

So should you. 

As always #FuckCancer 


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