Once a cancer patient

Always a cancer patient. I’ve been suffering from daily headaches for about 2.5 weeks. I asked my physicians nurse if it was part of recovering from chemo. The response ? No not normal. So instead of getting medication for my headaches, I get to go have an MRI. Because once a cancer patient, always a cancer patient. Because it could be the spread of this cancer or it could be??? Hormone changes from forced menopause ? It dawned on me as I listened to my nurse….nothing is simple or easy any longer regarding me and my health. Always a patient. It brought on a bout of depression. Right now I still look like a patient. Fuzzy head, no eyelashes or eyebrows. I feel like one too…I tire easily, these damn headaches and still surgery to come. So it’s hard not to think/feel like a patient. Of course we’re told to be vigilant regarding our bodies. To be on the look out for any signs or symptoms of a recurrence. So you can’t help but feel like a forever patient. 

Well this “patient” is living her life to the fullest.  It’s all we can do, live one moment, one day at a time. 

As always #FuckCancer 


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