In limbo hell.

I am in limbo at the moment…unable to work and yet I have lost my job.  Unable to go to today’s ultrasound appointment because due to being termed, my insurance is in a state of limbo (that hopefully will  be rectified today).  Can’t find a new job yet as I am still in need of recovering from chemo and then having that lovely lifesaving surgery I need.  LIMBO HELL.

I am having more difficulties with depression and anxiety because of the above.  I have been able to start walking everyday to help me regain my strength and stamina.  Still need naps daily as the fatigue has not left yet.  Its a vicious circle- get up and walk, take care of things that need doing and then I am exhausted.  Dealing with COBRA insurance is frustrating- they have my money and have yet to reinstate my insurance.  Arguing with my insurance company to pay my claims, talking to UF Health billing to get them to argue with the insurance company.  Cancer is a full time job.  I have run into more people who have lost their jobs during their cancer treatment.  Its appalling.  FMLA should be based on your diagnosis, not a fixed timeframe.  Ok enough whining..I am getting shit done one phone call/email at a time!!

My advice for newly diagnosed cancer patients- get familiar with your insurance company and see if they offer case management.  This would be your go to person to talk to regarding any payment issues, prior authorizations etc.  I am awaiting a new person as mine was through my employer previously.  A diagnosis alone is overwhelming, I know.  Its even more stressful if your insurance company isn’t on the same page.  If your insurance declines to pay or give authorization for a procedure, get your cancer team involved.  Always have your insurance card with you- every specialist visit requires a copy of your card even if they are affiliated with the hospital you receive care at.  Keep your receipts.  Be aware that charges usually come in separately under PHYSICIAN and then HOSPITAL.  Keep your receipts.  Seriously.  Also keep an ongoing file of your medical bills.  It helps if you have to go back and argue!

Good luck- and as always #FuckCancer





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