A girls best friend


Say hello to Madison, my rescued Australian Shepherd. She’s been my best friend through all this cancer bullshit. A dog you say? Yes…and let me tell you why.

The first time I was home alone, sobbing over how horrible I felt going through chemo, Madison was right there. Non-judgementally there, with her head in my lap and her paw on my stomach, looking at me with her little chocolate eyes. Curled up on the floor after vomiting…she was there giving kisses on my bald head, trying to comfort me, in that dog way.  Just accepting and loving her human no matter how bad I felt. She’s been gentle on walks, almost knowing Momma needed out but slow and easy. She oftentimes knows before I make a sound, that I’m sitting somewhere crying or angry at the unfairness of it all.  No judgement, no feeling like a burden when you’re crying and holding on to that soft fur and she seems to know that’s all you need . She and I have been home alone together day in and day out during this battle. She makes me laugh with her goofy antics and is the best nap partner ever….except when she’s hogging the bed 😂.

She’s a comfort when no one else is around. She never complains if I’m having a crap day and if I didn’t have her I think I would’ve gone mad by now.

So while I rescued her, she’s been my rescuer on more than one occasion.

Don’t get me wrong…I definitely need my human loved ones and friends.  It’s just when you’re going through something like cancer, eventually you feel like people are tired of you being sick, needing to vent, or just needing  companionship on the long days of feeling like shit.

No judgement from dogs- Just love.

As always- #FuckCancer



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