Did you know chemo fatigue is cumulative?

As well as other side effects. So that means after having chemo since October, my ass is whooped. It used to be, earlier on, I didn’t feel so fatigued etc and it wasn’t until till about Tuesday or Wednesday after Friday chemo that I couldn’t get out of bed. I mean, I felt fatigued, just not that tired to the bone, breathing is an effort fatigue. Now I have that fatigue along with nauseating dizziness. 

Chemo number 15 was yesterday. As I write this I’m laying in bed trying to drink as much as I can. This helps with my low blood pressure and it’s important for recovery. When I change positions I have to do so very slowly. Tonight my Neulasta injection will go off, bringing on bone and muscle pain. A necessary evil to help bring up my white cell counts. But I’ve only one treatment left, then prep for surgeries. I can do this!!

Unfortunately the side effects from chemo do not just disappear after chemo ends. I’ve been warned that several times.  My thoughts ? At least I’ll be cancer free. 

My tip for chemo patients – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Oh, and never trust a fart 😳😳😳😳😳

Thanks for reading. As always #FuckCancer


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