Why Chemo?

IMG_4700.PNGI have had a lot of folks ask me why chemo if we removed all of the tumor by doing the double mastectomy. Well, it is because cancer cells breakaway from their tumors.  Those cells are far too tiny to be seen so the best action is to attack with chemo.  Also, given the aggressive nature of metaplastic/triple negative breast cancer, it is the best bet to try and beat a recurrence.

Weekly chemo treatments- can you say holy shit?  The first week was a double- Taxol and Carboplatin. My initial response was ok, not too horrible.  Then wham, I got hit with fatigue so bad I slept every time I stopped moving.  I also had, and continue to have, middle of the night nausea and occasional vomiting.   Yes, its as horrible as it sounds.

I learned quickly I had to keep track of what medications I took when, what side effects I was having and what helped and what didn’t.  Sometimes there was no rhyme or reason as to what would set me off or what would help.

Every week that went on, I grew weaker.  On my partially good days, I would go out and try and LIVE.  Because if you don’t learn anything else from these blog posts, learn this- LIFE IS A FLEETING GIFT.  LIVE IT.

Eventually my body started having troubles keeping up.  Blood counts too low to continue, no immune system to support me.  So chemo gets delayed.  This scared me.  What if this gave those little bastard cancer cells time to regroup?  Chemo attacks fast growing cells because that is what cancer is.  By destroying fast growing cells however, cancer patients have digestive issues, skin dryness, hair loss, and a whole plethora of side effects.

Speaking of side effects- time to go rest.  Thanks for reading


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