Surgery…and tumor results

So surgery was September 9th. I got up early that morning to do my special shower (antiseptic soap) and to bid my breasts farewell. Breasts that had nursed my children. Really the only thing I was going to miss about them is my nipples. What? Yes. The sensation will be missed. Ah well. A small price to pay to live. 

Surgery itself went well. All 6 hours of it. I awoke surrounded by my family who could be there. My daughter Jasmine posted an awesome photo of me post surgery 😜. Recovery was tougher. I started vomiting from the anesthesia. Try that after having both breasts removed! Painful is an understatement. Vomiting was finally brought under control within a few hours. Too long. The next hurdle- you have to urinate on your own before going home. So naturally, I couldn’t. I wanted to!! My bladder was uncomfortable full. Unfortunately I needed to be catheratized in order to relieve the pressure. Good thing about that was I was finally able to urinate on my own. Not however, in time to go home that day. So another night recovering in hospital. 

Tumor results- highest score you can get for an aggressive tumor is a 9. Mine was an 8. Tumor grew a full cm in 6 weeks. No lymph node involvement ( no radiation yay!) so a highly aggressive tumor with a high recurrence rate= 12 weeks of Taxol with Carboplatin every third round. After that, dose dense AC. Lovingly known as the Red Devil!

Off to infusion for some much needed fluids. More tomorrow. ❤


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