Waiting, waiting

After all the imaging testing was done, I waited to be scheduled for surgery. The meeting with the plastic surgeon resulted in chest expanders implanted at time of reconstruction and a DIEP procedure at a later date. Evidently I needed to gain some weight for that. First time I’d ever heard that in my life!!  I was also scheduled for gene testing. This was due to several factors. One- my under 50 age of breast cancer onset and type of breast cancer. Two- dad being the BRCA1 mutation carrier and Three- my half sister also had young onset breast cancer. Triple negative like mine but without the super aggressive MpBC. 
BRCA1- we are all carriers of this gene. However a mutation can/will cause early onset breast cancer and increases the odds of ovarian cancer. 

So what do you suppose my BRCA results were? You got it. Positive for mutation. Now I have to worry about my children having gotten the mutation from me. They have a 50/50 shot. šŸ˜£

I spent agonizing weeks waiting for surgery to be scheduled. I called both surgery schedulers at least every other day. This cancer has a quick growth rate. 

Boy was I right. Sometimes I hate being right. Surgery was finally scheduled for September 9, 2016. Forever now known as my Cancerversary. A full 6 weeks after initial diagnosis!
More later. Must rest. Bones are started to ache. 



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